Z1 Analyzer

Z1 Analyzer 1.9

Analyzes your telemetry data and gives you tips to improve your driving skills
1.9.3 (See all)

The Z1 Analyzer examines the telemetry data from recorded laps to help you improve your driving skills. Laps can be played back in real time, with your position displayed on the track map as you progress round the lap. Not only does the track map display your current position, it can also show the track in three dimensions, allowing you to see the elevation changes around the lap. This is important for determining how to approach the turns. In addition to the various analysis screens, the Z1 Analyzer can show you multiple data traces as well. it is compatible with iRacing, Automobilista, Assetto Corsa, Project CARS, Kart Racing Pro, and other driving simulators.

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